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COVID-19 Resources
Watch Gretchen’s webinar on Advance Planning In the COVID-19 Pandemic (4/1/2020)
COVID-19 Advance Directive Addendum: Documenting Your Preferences (from Compassion and Choices)
Help With Breathing Decision Aid (from Respecting Choices)
CPR Decision Aid (from Respecting Choices) Life Support During the COVID0-19 Pandemic (Decision Aid) Proactive Care Planning for COVID-19 (from Respecting Choices) Role of the Healthcare Agent for COVID-19 (from Respecting Choices) COVID-19 Shared Decision-Making Tool (from NHPCO) Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19 (from The Conversation Project)
Article: The Coronavirus is the Chance to Have The End-of-Life Conversations We Need (3/16/2020 The Globe and Mail)