Disaster Teams


Engaging Disaster Preparedness and Response opportunities

When disaster strike we so often want to do something helpful. That’s because you care. Thank you!

When there is something to be done we’ll be the first to let you know. Proper preparedness planning, though, make emergency situation much, much easier to deal with. Part of our goal at Region1BePrepared.org is to help you, your family, your congregation and community be ready for when disaster strikes. This may mean being “two weeks ready” in case of an earthquake. It may mean have a “Go Pack” ready to grab should you have to evacuate your home nowWe should all have family plans to meed to communicate if something changes rapidly, and ultimately is is not just about us, but our communities, towns, neighborhoods and states. We are rarely alone in times of disaster. Other suffer with us and others want to help. Get engaged. Participate in trainings. Work with your congregation or neighborhood group on a disaster plan. We’re here to help.

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