Portland, OR—Governor Kate Brown today introduced new plans for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, two foundational elements of her framework for reopening Oregon safely. Ensuring adequate testing capacity and contact tracing will allow Oregon’s health care system to effectively identify and treat new cases of COVID-19, trace contacts with new cases to identify those at risk for infection, and contain new outbreaks before community spread can occur.

“As we look to reopen Oregon, it’s critical we understand the prevalence of COVID-19 across the state and use science and data to ensure we can safely take steps forward,” said Governor Brown. “A strategy of testing and tracing helps us identify who has the disease and who may be at risk of infection — knowledge that is incredibly powerful as we look to reopen.”

A full media kit is available under the Reopening Oregon Documents tab on the Oregon Health Authority’s website with more information on both plans. Documents include:

• Summary of testing and contact tracing plans

• Summary tables of testing and contact tracing stra…

• Strategic testing plan

• Contact tracing plan

• Guidance for providers on testing

• Criteria for testing at Oregon State Public Health…

• Interim investigative guidelines

A full copy of Governor Brown’s remarks is available here

Video of Governor Brown’s press availability is available here .