Disaster Preparedness & Response


Planning, Partners, Resources and Hope for the work of Disaster Preparedness and Response.

Dealing with COVID-19

Disasters come in many forms. This Library is intended as a resource for the development of Disaster Preparedness and Response Teams. Currently, however, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. COVID-19 is the crisis at hand!

To go straight to our Resource Page for COVID-19 Concerns please click here or use the menu item at the top of this page. These resources there are for both you personally, and your community. Before you go, though, watch the little video to the right. Juan Carlos La Puente is on the staff of the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and speaks about vulnerability.

What You’ll Find


How do you get your ministry ready to respond in times of disaster? You’ll find a step by step process here for this very thing.


Education is key. Here you’ll find videos, articles, devotions, best practices and people ready to work with you and your community.


Response  to natural disasters is a community effort. Church, government and businesses all play a role. Who are your partners?

Stories of Hope

Natural disasters can be times of significant grief and loss, but there is hope. The Church has a Word for times of both joy and uncertainty!

Spiritual Reflection

General Disaster Planning

If there was a major earthquake, right now, what would you do? Where are you?
At work, at home, at church . . . out shopping? Where is the safest place to be? Should you be inside or run outdoors? What are those pipes strung out above your head? What do they carry? What if they burst?

Some catastrophies come upon us all at once. For others we may have some warning. Will you lose power? Will phones or the internet work? What if they don’t? Where are the kids? Do they know what to do?

You and your church have a definite role to play in times of natural disasters. If you are educated and prepared you can save lives. If you have a plan you can help others. If you are connected with partners who respond in times of disaster we will be more affective.

  • Education is vital. Be among the prepared.
  • Tending to our own people helps emergency crews and first responders reach out to more people. Can you communicate quickly and easily with your members?
  • What of our callilng to care for our neighbor? People will come to your church for help. Will you be ready? Are there services you can offer? Can you help them connect with the right people?
  • Do you have partners in your community? Perhaps people should be housed in a bigger church down the road while you’ll be ready to help with food. Be part of a greater neighborhood or community plan.
  • In the longer term, are you ready to coordinate your care with Lutheran Social Service Agencies and Lutheran Disaster Response? We are the Church together, and in time of natural disaster it really makes a difference!

This site has been created especially for the ELCA congregations of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montata – what we call “Region 1.” Get ready with us, so that we can be ready to help those in need at just the right time.